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Privacy & Cookies

This blog is a purely personal blog for my own occasional thoughts on things privacy, data protection, tech law and tech. Nothing I say should be attributed to any organisation with whom I may be associated from time to time.

This blog is hosted using Google's Blogger product, that is designed to facilitate quick and easy blogging.

As far as I can tell, no cookies are used except for anything that's automatically set/retrieved by:

  • Google/Blogger, only because this blog is hosted using Blogger, and email subscriptions to be updated on new blog posts are sent using Google's Feedburner. I've left Blogger's standard banner in place but note that I have not enabled Blogger's Analytics so any cookies still remaining are solely for Google/Blogger's own purposes - please see Google's Privacy Policy and Google's webpages on its cookies and how to manage them, and
  • Amazon, because Amazon Affiliate links are used (see the blog's right hand sidebar) in the hope that someone might purchase a book via one of those links, thereby treating me to a cup of coffee (or more likely a teaspoon)! See Amazon's Privacy Notice.
Please feel free to browse this blog in Incognito mode (Chrome).

And if you want to see a spoof "cookie consent" tool...