Mastodon Kuan0: Google Glass photos - metadata recorded

Tuesday 19 August 2014

Google Glass photos - metadata recorded

What metadata is automatically recorded when you snap a photo with Google Glass? See screenshots below (which also give some info about the camera eg image size 2528x1856, sRGB, F-stop f/2.5, exposure time 1/297 sec, ISO-68). You'll see that no EXIF data on GPS location or place is saved with the picture, but "Date taken" is recorded. Updated: here's the link to my review of Google Glass for SCL.


 And here's a photo of a display case in the London Glass showroom (Basecamp, which I call a Glass House!):

Plus (with permission) a photo taken using Glass itself - click on the image for the full-sized version:

Glass 20140806_194356_979